Old Fashioned Love

unmade bed, photo Kim Logue

Roomie did not know exactly how she got programmed with such old fashioned values. Was it her role models?

She told Jill that at her grandma's funeral her grand dad cried, as he said "On our 50th wedding anniversary, she smiled at me and said, "I only wish I had met you sooner."

Jill felt like her relationship with her horse pal had come to a new level lately. "As corny as it sounds, I think he really, really likes me." she'd enthused to random unknown stablemate. "And, I've realized that I love him."

As for the new human love interest on Roomie's mind, more than one ex-girlfriend still seemed interested in him, or so Jill guessed from some of the new traffic on Roomie's blog, after appearing on his facebook wall. Was it ridiculous to hope that a guy she had so recently started dating would see her exclusively?

Tomorrow Roomie vowed to do more canter-walk, walk-canter, counter canter and just plain drawn out long canter exercises while she pondered such things.

Jill remembered bringing the rescue kitten home from vet with the prognosis, "either he's going to get over it or he's not." She'd never been counting on taking on prohibitive medical costs, but she wanted then, anyway she could to do her best to make this little animal more comfortable, as a house cat.  Now, should she let both of them return to their true roots as farm field felines? This whole moving to the farm thing was going to be a major adjustment for her too. She thought that they would want to go with her, and use the cat door to a heated tack room with good food in it, even though they couldn't stay overnight in her bed anymore. While she pondered it, Roomie's ex's record played in the background "I still don't get to touch you when you sleep, guess I'm gonna be lonely."

In passing making breakfasts Jill announced, The more time I spend up there, and the more waivers I get signed and discuss in detail with folks I'm asking to autograph it, the more I think that having that horse on the property is extra high risk, conduct as the HOST of guests, potential students, partboarders or boaders; I see in him a supercharged propensity to behave in ways that might result in injury, harm or death to persons and the other horses around him. I see his high potential to collide with, bite, kick or run over other animals, people, or objects.

I will ask if we should we prioritize finding him the right human parter as a priority. Truthfully, I am unclear about his potential as a useful riding horse and in all honestly I don't like to be around the so-pronounced unpredictability of his barely equine, possibly very surprising reaction to such random things as sounds, sudden movement, tremors, vibrations, unfamiliar objects, persons or other animals and hazards such as subsurface objects…

"Don't give up on the place Jill, he's just one horse." Roomie said it quietly, suprising Jill as they made a meaningful moment of eye contact.  And reminded her about the new station manager who announced after visiting  "Well that was safer than some of the other escapades you've had me out at. At least we didn't almost get killed.  Wondering whether I mean the ostrich's? Or, do you think mean the psycho horse running towards the gate???  ha ha.  But I can't partboard here yet, I don't have the skills for these horses."

Ricky sleeps, photo Kim Logue

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