Know When to Hold 'Em

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Earlier in the day AJ had lunged Mouse while he spooked several times at the sound of ice falling off the arena. Eventually, she thought to turn on the radio. If she'd also thought then to close the large arena door, he would have spooked less at the truck parking, the woman out to catch her 2 year old in the paddock outside the arena and the man approaching the arena to check for traffic for his aforesaid friends. They'd complained about their horse that he was almost too docile in the barn afterwards. While AJ'd informed them "Mouse almost ditched me on one last spook, so I just made him a trot a few controlled circles then walked a few steps and then dismounted. Enough already! He was getting wound up instead of wound down and was already sweating." AJ had not built time into her day for more of a cooling out process than that.

Imagine getting texts and fb messages about a song dedication to you at the Centre In The Square! Apparently the beautiful tune went out to her by first and last name, as a woman who does a lot in the equestrian world in Canada and the States.  AJ was grinning wildly, bringing Jill up to speed on the weekend. "Except, my tickets were for the show the next day at Massey Hall!" Jill assumed she would have run a portable recorder in her purse during the following concert, just in case, but no, AJ was lamenting a second Lyle Lovett moment that would not make it to the radio airwaves.   He'd done it again!  But alas she had not a chance to meet in person to record a "sounder" for the radio show.

"My crush has got a song about a racehorse." Jill was pondering for a moment about the local "star" out loud, and wondering if he was interested in horses or wanted to come riding. The suggestion was worth exploring.

Jill's fine fiddle playing mandolin teacher had no interest in the animal at all, but Jill was trying to barter rides for the woman's children in trade for musical instruction...

She also told AJ about her fellow coach/rider at the barn who pointed out to another competitor that they were competing unfairly in the wrong division (having won ribbons in the division in the past, they should have been upgrading into the "open" category). And how she proceeded to do the same thing her own self. Jill noticed, but she didn't say anything, or try and correct her co-worker's entry. 
To hear how it appeared within the hoofbeats episode, including music, you could listen here:

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