All Clothes Become Barn Clothes

It was only straw bales, but yes, AJ had finally jumped with Bobcat... more exciting was to walk through the archway left over from the recent wedding, ha. "thank you burn pile, for a hack with just the right amount of excitement," she'd said, filling Jill in on the morning.  She'd gone in her "street clothes" instead of any proper riding gear...
"And, I need some kind of holster for riding with my cell phone. For pictures and also emergency contacts if ever required."

Jill said "It's not too late to sign up for the schooling day. All three phases without the pressure! Jump the course as it was for the June event, then stick around and school the jumps that didn't jump quite the way you wanted."

The next day she reported "I really need to borrow draw lines. and, I think we could use some thrush remedies. I think I am going to bring up my own tack “trunk” and squish it in the tack room. I should really try and get in one more good practice before going around the fields with the farm owner.  Today, he was dead in the ring, but then tried to take off on me when we moved to trot towards home around the 2nd length of the hayfield. He trotted off fast, pulling, and then actually cantered a few strides against my will, and so I yanked him to the left towards to high grass line speaking whoa, sitting up and commanding he stop and it worked.   But I’m not sure it would work if he was trying a little harder because his mouth is so dead. How can I retrain it?" She definitely wanted to try draw lines...

Before attending to her riding horse, she'd visited at the breeding farm with her yoga teacher, who said 5 minutes with AJ taught her more than 3 years of lessons at the riding academy."  She had asked how AJ got started with lessons, and for days Jill felt sorry to have let her very first mentor/sponsor Victor pass without saying thank you.  She pointed out that Firefly is a spooky little thing, and turned out a big grey who needs a chain over her nose. She amused the stallion who actually was quite affectionate and very dressage-y with his naughtiness in the crossties.  And, she offered the bitless bridle to the head trainer but she’d already tried it and it was too small.  "See how the foal on the left is lying in the grass a little closer to its mother than the baby on the right? That bay is a week or two older than the other."

She could tell he was probably back in training, because he didn’t rush over for the affection.  How was his sarcoid was gone?  She thought that they had probably let his teeth get long over the winter, because he wasn’t as fat as the spring training season the year before.  "He is horse that doesn’t need his teeth floated as much as other horses." she said to her guests.  She said how she'd got started at that place "I just wanted to go and get the horse smell on me. And they let me stay, since I cobwebbed."

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