Friday The 13th

Its true AJ had been fired, and an action she had taken that she said could be misconstrued was written up in the reprimand letter as her saying “it was the wrong thing to do.” She had hated how the district manager had pulled a skid in his car when he saw her out back, before their meeting, as he was on his way to dump garbage into the dumpster. She laughed and told him she’d hated it when her former manager put on his name tag as soon as she walked in the building… she thought worse luck was not being able to find a tuner at home. It was raining and made her want to play guitar… she’d got started only playing when the din on the roof of her home would camouflage her efforts.

Trotting poles trotting poles trotting poles, little ponds in the sanding, trotting poles trotting poles. My day has a nice rhythm to it so far! (p.s. BRIDGE, pilons and the gate 2X) she wrote. She was thrilled to think, for the second time in row, “what a nice ride!” He had lowered his head at least twice over poles, and lots at the water. Was he learning to trust her hands? She knew that sometimes training a horse was like watching paint dry… And she sent Jill an email “I think Bob is looking at the scary place the burn pile USED to be... here he is at the end of a very nice ride.”

Did you read the article about “accidentally UNtraining your horse?” Jill had, but thought it should just be called “Training your horse with bad habits,” because they both knew that 100% of the time you are around a horse you are training it. AJ was still having trouble with item “4. Veering to avoid an obstacle or scary object. The scenario: You’re riding along a straight line in the arena and heading toward a banner attached to the rail. As you approach the object, your horse veers so he doesn’t have to pass the object closely.”

She said that first of all, it drove her nuts that he stopped dead to make manure, and that second of all, it was infuriating that he wouldn’t just travel through it afterwards, always deaking out one way or the other to avoid trodding along in the straight course his rider was dictating.

Jill had posted a link on Facebook “I love this show! And, not just because of all the horse facts…” They were considering editing segments of it to air on hoofbeats — was that allowed?

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