A Fall or Not To Fall

"Ya, that's how you do it." Just as Jill forgot herself and got the hang of rocking the dollarstore tambourine AND singing around the campfire, the woman's pleasing voice was in her ear, encouraging. Overdue support? How Jill longed for encouragement!!!  A new horse friend instrumental her music circle? Giddy UP!

Jill remembered the former co-worker who had provided the woman's number way back when.  Jill had never dialled because of all the other ill advice said co-worker had provided, she recognized in hindsight as in jealous spite.  She'd assumed back then, it was a different kind of set-up... but now it surprised her that it turned out that she WANTED to spend time with the so-recommended woman and was lamenting all the time she'd allowed to pass before trying to connect.

Her roomie had a less uplifting update on her date with a fellow prof from the University.  On paper, he was a text book perfect match, but she didn't find herself super keen for more of his company... "He wanted to tell his stories all night and not hear any of mine.  And, he doesn't make me laugh."  Uh oh.

Jill had known many shy guys that took a while to relax and let their funny side show and so she encouraged the idea of just spending some nice quality companionship time again to see how things may unfold...  Roomie was also uncomfortable with her fellow trainers talk about their boss.  She was getting tired of covering for the new recruit, and trying to create harmony in the farm community as a one-woman project.  She had once been known as an amazing team leader - when she worked in the financial services world, they would send her into problem branches to effectively motivate her peers and subordinates, and sometimes they would even gather problem employees and send them along to her management skills for rehabilitation at the very same time.  But, she wasn't in a position authority at this farm and didn't want to invest that kind of skill and effort for $12 an hour either.

At the barn Jill admitted "You are a hard student for me to teach, because you are so good, ha. My specialty is the first timers who have never even been around a horse before, or the nervous nellies that want to take it slow, or the unique learners or....   But, at least we know I challenged you." 
Jill said, laughing making light of the fall.  Despite her focus on inexperienced horsepeople, Jill could use even the difficult, rescue or high-level horses in her work with beginners.  She created magic when she used her inherent gifts.

The trees around the property line were all golds and reds.  A magnificent year.  The beauty of it almost left her bruised.

Her young co-worker of the day was trying to brag while doing stalls, that despite all her time with horses she had never fallen off.  "Do you know what my family used to say when I tried to brag that I hadn't fallen off for a while? They would shrug disinterested and say ' Well obviously you haven't been trying anything very hard.'"

The rider retorted "You might have to walk the course, as demo for me," showing a bit of fear about the challenge ahead of her.  And then, she went on and won two firsts at the weekend show!

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